Testimonials from Parents

Testimonial 1

“My Twins Rosalyn  and  Isaac joined Kiddikraft since Kindergarten. They started with Phonics and are now in the Art of Writing programme writing a story! Even though they have a heavy workload from school, they still enjoy going to Kiddikraft for an extra English writing course! I am pleased to see my kids so into it!”

Ms. Chan

Testimonial 2

“Thank you Teacher Sherina. You have taught Ronny since K2. We discovered his language ability enhanced over the past 2 years. You are a kind and experienced teacher. You use a well-organized curriculum. Ronny loves learning and speaking English because of the diverse methods you use in the class. Ronny performed well in his interview and has been accepted by a private English primary school for September 2018.

In addition to the teaching staff, the school environment is warm and all the staff are nice, which made Ronny enjoy learning at Kiddikraft. Ronny has continued with his English classes at Kiddikraft and is now in a writing class.

With no doubt, I will recommend Kiddikraft to other parents, as I believe it is a great place for learning.”