1. Return a completed enrolment form by fax, email, mail or drop off.

2. For telephone reservations, a completed form must be submitted before we are able to confirm the registration.

3. Payments may be in cash or cheque either delivered by hand or mailed within 1 week (7 days) of registration. If payment is not received by the due date, the place will be released. Programme places cannot be confirmed until payment has been made in full.

4. The $200 non-refundable registration fee is charged one-time upon your child’s enrolment in class at KiddiKraft. Transfer students from our branch centre are considered as new students and the non-refundable registration fee will be charged. Should you wish to withdraw your child from class, we ask that you give us one month written notice by filling in a withdrawal form. Any parent withdrawing their child from the playgroup for any period of time still needs to pay the tuition fee in order to hold their place. If the tuition fee is not paid this could result in losing the child’s place. Returning students (who have withdrawn for longer than 6 months) are required to pay the $200 enrolment fee upon re-enrolment. KiddiKraft will waive the enrolment fee for returning students who re-enrol within a 6 month period from the date of their withdrawal.

5. We make all effort to ensure there are no changes in times or teachers but in case of unavoidable circumstances, a suitable replacement option will be offered. We will inform you by email or by phone of any long term changes.

6. If we consider a student to be unsuitably placed, we reserve the right to withdraw the student and we will issue a refund for the balance of the classes that have been paid for.


Please note that all places are on a first come first serve basis. When a requested class is full we will put your child on the waiting list.

Fee Payment

1. Tuition fees for each programme are payable upon submission of the enrolment form and at the beginning of each month thereafter.

2. No places are confirmed until full payment is received. For payment we accept cash or cheque. Please make cheque payable to “KiddiKraft Limited”.

3. Fees are charged on a monthly basis with mid-term enrolments being calculated from the start date of attendance.


1. Once a place is confirmed and paid for, we regret that there will be no cash refunds under any circumstances.

2. Provided that a minimum of 14 days notice is given before the start of a programme, your reserved place can be cancelled and KiddiKraft will issue a credit note which can be used as payment for future classes.

1. Make-up classes are offered if a child is unable to attend due to sickness, school events and overseas trips. Each student is entitled to two make-up classes per term. (Sept to Dec, Jan to Apr, May to August)

2. There will be NO MAKE UP CLASSES for KINDERPREP, KIDDPLAY CLASSES and any holiday programmes.


Inclement Weather

When the Amber Rainstorm warning signal or Typhoon Signal No. 1 is hoisted, classes will continue to be held unless higher signals are forecasted by the Hong Kong Observatory.

Nursery & Kindergarten Students - When the Red Rainstorm warning or Typhoon Signal No.3 is hoisted, classes will be cancelled. Special make-up classes will be provided to children who cannot attend class under these circumstances (with the exception of KiddiPlay and KinderPrep classes). When the Black Rainstorm warning or Typhoon Signal No.8 or higher is hoisted, classes will be cancelled. We regret that we cannot arrange make-up classes or refunds for Black Rainstorm & Typhoon Signal No.8 or higher enforced closures. If signals are hoisted during a class, the class will continue to run and students can remain on the premises until they are safely accompanied home by an adult.

Other students - When the Red Rainstorm warning or Typhoon Signal No.3 warning is hoisted, classes will continue as normal. When the Black Rainstorm warning or Typhoon Signal No. 8 or higher is hoisted, all classes will be cancelled. If signals are hoisted during a class, the class will continue to run and students can remain on the premises until they are safely accompanied home by an adult. We regret that we cannot arrange make-up classes or refunds for these enforced closures.

In the event of rainstorm warnings or Typhoon Signals being lowered during the day, KiddiKraft Learning Centre will only open under the following conditions:

1. Warnings lowered before 7:00am – KiddiKraft Learning Centre will be opened as usual

2. Warnings lowered at or before 2:00pm – KiddiKraft Learning Centre will open 2 hours after warning lowered.

3. If signals are lowered after 2:00pm – KiddiKraft Learning Centre will remain closed.

4. KiddiKraft Leaning Centre will be closed on all Public Holidays

Please note that KiddiKraft Learning Centre will adhere to the Education Bureau’s (EDB) announcements during all rainstorm and typhoon warnings and regards these arrangements as the final decision. When a rainstorm signal or typhoon signal is hoisted, please pay special attention to the EDB’s announcements and KiddiKraft Learning Centre’s website and Facebook page for any updates on arrangements. If in doubt, please call the Centre.

Accompanying your Child

1. In line with Social Welfare Department policy, we require all careers/guardians of children less than 3 years to remain on the premises while their children are in class. Waiting areas will be provided.

2. For those programmes which have either a cooking component or a snack component, please inform the centre if your child has any food allergies or other health issues.

Photos & Other

Due to the proprietary nature of our courses, the taking of photos and videos is expressly forbidden without the written permission of KiddiKraft. We also reserve the right to utilize any photos, videos and/or sound recordings of children and their classes, for promotional purposes only, unless otherwise stated by you on our enrollment form.


All participants enrolled in activities at KiddiKraft do so at their own risk and the company is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to students, their family members, and guests as a result of participating in these activities.