Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Children glued to their seats, listening quietly to their teacher, bending over their textbooks to complete exercise after exercise – these are things you won’t find in our classrooms!

You’ll hear questions, comments, answers and more as they actively take part in their learning process.

Our lessons are packed with a variety of interactive, fast-paced activities to ensure learning is fun. That way, our students learn effectively and effortlessly!

Our Curriculum

So many great tried and tested methodologies, so little time! How do you choose? You don’t.

Our experienced and qualified teachers have selected and put together the best programmes to help students achieve their maximum potential.

We incorporate highly-acclaimed British and American programmes to produce our unique curriculum.

The Result

It works.  School acceptance rates show that we give students the English language skills they need to advance in their academic studies.

Our students have been accepted into ESF Schools, Christ Church Kindergarten, Keen Mind Kindergarten, Kentville Kindergarten, St Catherine’s International Kindergarten, Rightmind International Kindergarten, Victoria International Kindergarten, German Swiss International School, Chinese International School, Singapore International School, The International Schools Foundation Academy (ISF), Victoria Shanghai Academy, Diocesan Girls’ Junior School (DGJS), Diocesan Boys’ School (DBS), St Stephen’s College Preparatory School and St. Paul’s Co-Educational College Primary School amongst others.